Seychelles Domestic Company

Incorporated by the Seychelles Registrar of Companies (ROC) Companies

Regulated by the Companies Ordinance Act 1972.

Key features

·         Language English
·         Name Reservation Sent to the registrar for reservation. Approval leads to a reservation of 30 days.
·         Time to Establish Approximately 2 ½ months
·         Operation /Business Activities ·         Can operate in Seychelles and internationally.

·         By obtaining the necessary licences from the local authorities, particularly for specialised companies and especially for companies in the financial services sector, they can also engage in banking, insurance and trust business.

·         Directors Two or more directors (natural person) is required at all times
·         Shareholder Two or more required at all times ( can be both natural person and legal entity)
·         Beneficial Owner Must be natural person(s)
·         Company Secretary Depending on the company structure and business activities, the company sec can be both a natural person or a Seychelles corporate entity.
Tax Identity No (TIN) A TIN will need to be requested from Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC).
Taxation Liable for taxation in Seychelles.
Annual returns Needs to be lodged with the company registrar annually.
Annual Renewal Fee Needs to be paid to the company registrar, every year on the anniversary date of the company’s incorporation.
Audited Financial statement & Tax Return Both will need to be filed annually with SRC.