Insurance Business

The insurance sector is ever-evolving in response to the changing risk landscape. The Seychelles licensing regime provides for the licensing and administration of the Domestic and Non Domestic Insurance license.

There are several tax benefits from having such licenses. Due to the various benefits available in the country, Seychelles is especially suitable for the establishment of offshore non domestic insurance and reinsurance companies.

Our Turnkey Solution includes:

  1. Entity and License set up
  2. Regulatory compliance setup and operation
  3. Sourcing and integration of technology (Website, White label solutions, social media, SEO, CRM, iGaming Software and Platforms, and more)
  4. Call Centre setup and operation
  5. Payments and Payment Processing (Banking, Cards, Mobile Money)
  6. Governance Solutions (Professional Directors, Compliance officers, MLRO, Company Secretary, Registered Agents and other Key personnel)

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