Special License Company

The Seychelles CSL is a Seychelles domestic company, incorporated under the Companies Act 1972, which is granted a special license under the Companies Special License Act 2003.

1. Objects of a Seychelles CSL

The objects of a CSL as stated in its memorandum shall be limited to the carrying on of any one or more of the businesses specified below:

    1. Investment management and advice
    2. Offshore banking
    3. Offshore insurance
    4. Reinsurance
    5. Business of
      1. an investment company
      2. a holding company
      3. a marketing company
      4. a company holding intellectual property
      5. a headquarters company
      6. a human resource company
      7. a franchise company
    6. Business under an ITZ license
    7. Any other business approved by the Authority

2. Legal Requirements

Key Features

Seychelles Public Fund Corporate Details
  • Type of Entity
Seychelles domestic company
  • Corporate Taxation
Corporate taxation is 1.5%
  • Bearer Shares
  • Management
Should be managed by a board of directors consisting of at least two individuals.
Share capital or equivalent
  • Standard currency
  • Permitted currencies
  • Minimum Authorized Capital
10% of authorized share capital
  • Minimum Investors
  • Minimum number
  • Local required
  • Corporate directorship allowed
·         Required Yes