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Banking Business

Banking Business

An offshore banking license allows the holder to operate a bank in one country that provides services to depositors who are residents in other countries.  

A Banking License in Seychelles only be issued to a local company registered under the Companies Act of 1972 or a foreign company (any foreign company that will be registered as a tax resident of the Seychelles) registered in accordance with the Companies Act of 1972. 

Nobel Capital’s, Regulatory and Advisory team will help you establish, license and register your offshore banking business in Seychelles and in accordance with the Seychelles Financial institutions act and provide you with a full range of support services in the most efficient manner.  

Our Turnkey Solution includes:

  1. Entity and License setup
  2. Regulatory compliance setup and operation
  3. Sourcing and integration of technology (Website, social media, SEO, CRM, Banking software and platform among others.)
  4. Call Centre setup and operation
  5. Payments and Payment Processing (Cards, Mobile Application)
  6. Governance Solutions (Professional Directors, Compliance officers, MLRO, Auditors and other Key personnel)

We are a licensed Corporate Service Provider in Seychelles offering company formation and management, together with the comprehensive advice and support that will assist companies of all sizes to establish business operations successfully in Seychelles.