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Corporate Structuring

Corporate Structuring

Starting a company is one of the most popular ways for individuals and entities to go into business in the Seychelles. But did you know that there are multiple corporate structuring options at your disposal to suit your different business needs? 

The most popular corporate structuring alternatives in Seychelles include:

  1. Holding Companies 
  2. Trading Companies
  3. Hybrid Companies
  4. Limited Partnerships 
  5. Protected Cell Companies
  6. Special Purpose Vehicles
  7. Double Tax Treaty Companies

Our Corporate Structuring Services include:

  1. Entity Setup
  2. Regulatory compliance setup and operation
  3. Call Centre setup and operation
  4. Governance Solutions including: Professional Directors, Company Secretary, Registered Agents, Compliance officers, and other Key personnel
  5. Payments and Payment Processing (Bank account opening, Cards and Mobile Processing)
  6. Sourcing and integration of technology (Website, Social Media and more)

We are a licensed Corporate Service Provider in Seychelles offering company formation and management, together with the comprehensive advice and support that will assist companies of all sizes to establish business operations successfully in Seychelles.