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Seychelles Payment Service Providers License

Seychelles Payment Service Providers License

Licenses are granted by the National Bank of Seychelles (“CBS”) under the provisions of the National Payment System (Licensing and Authorization) regulations of 2014.

Key features

A Payment Service Providers licence may be issued to an applicant who meets the following criteria:

  1. is a company incorporated under the Companies Act
  2. is financially sound
  3. has in place a robust mechanism for safeguarding funds
  4. has in place adequate governance arrangements for its proposed payment services business
  5. has clear rules for handling of complaints arising out of or in connection with the proposed payment services
  6. has safe and reliable Information Technology
  7. has an adequate number of well-trained and competent staff and management
  8. has directors of good character and relevant professional experience

Legal Requirements

General Requirements 

Corporate Details 


Seychelles Limited Company 

License Application Fee 

SCR 25,000 

License Renewal Fee 

SCR 50,000 

Local Office 



A corporate Tax of 1.5% 



Minimum Number 

Two Natural persons 

Corporate Directorship 




Minimum Number 


Corporate Shareholder 




Requirement to prepare 


Audit requirements 


Share capital 


Minimum Capital 

1,000,000 SCR 

Service Providers Required 




Advantages of Seychelles Payment Service Provider License

  1. Favorable compliance restrictions
  2. Ease and speed of establishment
  3. Flexible structuring of the entity
  4. Friendly regulatory environment

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