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Investment Advisor License for Sale in Seychelles

Investment Advisor License for Sale in Seychelles

    • Ready-made Investment Advisor License in Seychelles, licensed and approved in 2016. The company is in good standing and ready for business.
  • The Company is permitted to:
    1. Advise other persons concerning investment in securities.
    2. Issue, analyze or report concerning specific securities.
    3. Manage portfolio of securities for another person.
      1. without holding property of the other person; and
      2. Manage a portfolio of securities on terms that preclude him from doing so

Additional Information


2 FSCA approved Fit and Proper Directors

Authorized Representative

1FSCA approved Authorized Representative


1 FSCA Approved Auditor

Compliance Officer

FSA Approved Compliance Officer

Seychelles Office

FSA approved fully furnished office

Bank Account

1 Bank Accounts

Share Capital

USD 25,000


1 year professional Indemnity Cover in place

Sale Price

Available on Request

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