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Seychelles Virtual Office Services

Seychelles Virtual Office Services

Often it is useful for an offshore Company to have more than just the minimum mandatory presence in the country where it is registered. Companies involved in active trading (or just about any other activity) may utilize a virtual office facility. Virtual office is an address that can be used to register a business. However, a virtual office can offer a wider range of functions than simply a means of business registration. For example, it can act as the registered address to which mail is sent and sorted. In short, whether a start-up, small or large company, a virtual office address can offer the ability to work and conduct operations from anywhere in the world while at the same time maintaining a professional public presence in a different location.

The following is a brief description of the virtual office services, as provided by Nobel Capital Group Limited in Seychelles

Seychelles Mail Forwarding Service

  1. The Company will be provided with a street and suite address in Seychelles.
  2. All mail correspondence addressed to the Company will be forwarded to the address, as indicated by the client. The method (mail, courier, email) and frequency of forwarding can be chosen by the client.
  3. Handling costs and charges are applicable, depending in the method of forwarding chosen and the volume of correspondence.
  4. The address provided to a client Company under this title will normally be shared between several subscribers.
  5. Forwarding service will only be provided for correspondence that can be clearly identified as addressed to the client Company.

Seychelles Document Re-Mailing Service

  1. This service enables You to send out Your commercial documents (for example, invoices or commercial offers) from Your Company`s office in Seychelles.
  2. Such documents shall be sent to us in electronic format (doc or pdf) with respective intended recipients and their postal addresses clearly indicated in the body of such documents.
  3. Unless specifically agreed, we will not provide signatures on any such documents. Documents will be printed as is and mailed as indicated.
  4. We will not distribute any documents received in pre-sealed envelopes.
  5. Handling charges will be applied to each outgoing unit of correspondence.

Seychelles Call Handling Service

  1. A shared domestic telephone line (different and separate from our normal business lines) will be used to take calls and telephone messages on behalf of Your Company in the Seychelles.
  2. This service enables you to indicate a local telephone number in your letterheads and stationery. The call handling service is only available during the official business hours in the Seychelles.
  3. Same telephone line will be used to provide the call handling service to a reasonable amount of unrelated subscribers.
  4. While the incoming call will not be answered directly in the name of your Company, we will confirm upon request that the caller has reached the Seychelles office of your firm and will request caller to state his business and leave his particulars.
  5. We will offer to take message and, if such message is provided, it will be forwarded to you by email or other method of communication.


  1. Growth Flexibility
  2. Cost effectiveness
  3. Ease of Administration
  4. Substantial Cost Savings
  5. Payment Flexibility

The Nobel Capital Group Limited Advantage

  1. Speedy, Efficient and consistent Services.
  2. Expert advice on structuring options.
  3. Dedicated ongoing compliance support.

We are a licensed Corporate Service Provider in Seychelles offering company formation and management, together with the comprehensive advice and support that will assist companies of all sizes to establish business operations successfully in Seychelles.