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Seychelles PPC

Seychelles PPC

In Seychelles, Protected Cell Companies (PCC) are formed under the Protected Cell Companies Act, 2003. A PCC is a Seychelles domestic company that has the right to create one or more identifiable cells so as to segregate and protect cellular assets as permitted under the Act. In simple terms, a PCC is a company which – in addition to its main, “core” level – contains a number of segregated parts, or “cells”. Each cell is legally independent and separate from the others, as well as from the “core” of the company. 

Key Features

Seychelles PCC  

Corporate Details 

Location of Meetings 

Meetings by shareholders and directors may be conducted by telephone or any other electronic means providing that they are able to hear and recognise each other. 

Tax Exemption 

  1. Exemption of stamp duty in respect of properties, shares and all transactions relating to the business of a PCC 
  2.  Not liable for business tax on income derived outside Seychelles 

Number of Cells Permitted 

Unlimited pursuant to the provisions of the Act 

Continuation from IBC 



  1. At least two individual directors 
  2. Corporate Directors not allowed 
  3. Local Directors not required 

Annual Accounts, Audit, Returns 

  1. Annual returns shall be filed with the Registrar of Companies in accordance with the Companies Act. 
  2. Company books are required to be audited by an approved auditor. 

Company Secretary 

Yes. Must be an International Corporate Service Provider (ICSP) in Seychelles who will be responsible for submitting and authenticating signatures on all documents which are submitted to the Authority. 

Permitted Business Activities 

1. Insurance 

2. Mutual Funds 

3. Any other business activity approved by SIBA 

Key Advantages

  1. PCC as part of business structure is ideal for use in umbrella funds and captive insurance structures, because the losses of one cell will not have an adverse effect on the other cells.
  2. It can limit the creditor exposure, the cells are independent and the assets of a particular cell can be applied to the liabilities of that particular cell only.
  3. It is cost effective compared to forming various subsidies for different businesses.

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